General Information

Who is Soren Bennick Productions?

Soren Bennick Productions is a group of experienced theatre performers and writers. Our mission is to give children positive messages that build self-confidence and the skills needed to deal with trouble, in whatever form it comes. We love children. And we believe that performing art is an essential, magical tool that can bring them joy and improvement.

Does the government pay for production costs and / or are you subsidized in any way?

No. Soren Bennick is private company. We operate as a going concern. This keeps us relevant, efficient, and highly mindful of the quality of our productions.

How are shows developed?

Soren Bennick develops new shows through extensive consultation with principals, educators, and leading experts in the subject matter being presented. And we do extensive research. Then our seasoned creative team goes to work writing and producing the show.

Do you do performances in both the public and private school systems?

Yes, we are committed to doing performances at any school that will have us. We have done shows in private schools, public schools, religious schools, independent schools, and First Nations schools. We have also performed for Boy Scout troops, parent groups, camps, and middle schools.

Do you perform in religious school?

Yes. Soren Bennick Productions has performed in Christian, Muslim, and Jewish schools.

How many children have seen Soren Bennick shows?

Millions of children have seen shows produced by Soren Bennick Productions. We are an experienced, far-reaching company with staff in five countries and countless references and testimonials to our credit. We are proud of our work and our accomplishments. And each year we continue to grow.

What is the maximum/minimum number of people that can be in the audience for one of your shows?

Audience size is only limited by the space you have available in your performance area. Were possible, we encourage schools to invite parents of other schools.

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