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Hi Rez is a story-based performance that teaches children to have empathy for others
and to be open to the idea of including new and different people in their activities.

Main Message

  • Always leave an extra chair at the table

  • Take the initiative to include people who are being left out

  • Have empathy for others

  • Don't exclude others

  • Be persistent

Important Content

  • Reverse" musical chairs

  • Audience participation on stage

Hi Rez Comes to Earth™


The original goal of Soren Bennick Productions in developing Hi Rez Comes to Earth was to examine the issue of EXCLUSION bullying. That is, when one person is unfairly targeted to be left out, such that that person is made to feel ashamed and isolated.

After reviewing the topic in detail, it was decided that the best way to tackle the topic was to do so from a positive perspective: make the message about what children should be doing, not about what they shouldn't be doing.

Hence, while Hi Rez Comes to Earth points out the negatives of exclusion, the play pre-dominantly deals with the positive effects of INCLUSION.

How, though, to explain the concept of inclusion to children?

In three ways, representing the essence of the show and its value as a communication vehicle:

First, by defining inclusion in a simple, symbolic way: "Always leave an extra seat at the table (so that someone new is able to join you)."

Second, by making the play about the need for EMPATHY, with the character of Jessie (who is excluded) gradually teaching Hi Rez (who excludes people) how it feels to be left out, and how much better it is to be helpful towards others.

And third, by showing that inclusion is more than just a reaction against exclusion. It's about taking INITIATIVE and being open to including others all the time.

All of this, of course, expressed within a context that demonstrates benefits: people who are inclusive of others have better experiences, better personal dispositions, and more friends.



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